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Silhouette is a New Zealand based Internet radio station, dedicated to bringing you the very best electronic music. Listen Live to hear our amazing Live shows and guest DJs as well as constant interruption free music.

If the live medium doesn't suit you then check out the latest podcasts of our favorite shows, or download a playlist to stream offline.


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We're still in the alpha stages. We're still ironing out the bugs and scripting, to provide you with 24/7 entertainment consisting of shows, new tracks, and live music. It's a long process, so bear with us here.

Host Trial

See yourself as an aspiring radio host? Give yourself a shot at Silhouette! We're currently accepting host trials and experimental shows, so this might be your chance to get yourself on air. Have your voice heard. Here, at Silhouette. Learn More

Deadbeats W/ the Ghost DJ

The Ghost DJ's picks for Deadbeats: Tripsketch. Listen in from 23:00 to 3:00 every night.

The Lineup